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Blue Crab 

Blue legged Crab 
Yes, they do exist!! 
Size: l x w x h in mm: 270 x 190 x 42 
2023 Ceramic Fish 
On the left... 3 pink mackerel just to be different! 
Below: a monkfish with thanks to Dyan for supplying the 'bait'.... 
Bottom left are 4 sardines which have been glued onto a wooden board which has been splash painted by me, and then clear plastic dots glued on for bubbles..... 
Bottom right is a Plaice which sadly gained a thermal fracture in the kiln. 
At the bottom of this page is a Red Sea Bream. 
All of these fish can be hung up for display, and are for sale. 
Ring Geoff on 07899825205. POA  

Blue Ringed Octopus 

These 8 inch nocturnal Octopodes (or Octopuses / Octopi) are highly toxic. The male dies after mating whilst the female starves to death protecting the eggs. They also change colour and shape and are hard to spot being only the size of a hand. 
Size in mm: h x l x w 330 x 260 x 115 

Coral Reef 1 

One kind critic likened this to human body parts!!! Lungs, veins, liver slices etc.... 
Size: l x w x h in mm: 230 x 210 x 150 

Coral Reef 2 This is my second Coral Reef with the colours not quite so garish as the first. It contains a clown fish, a Giant Clam, and a Seahorse. You will notice that the tall corals have been left unglazed so as to mimic global warming or bleaching. The broken piece is intentional to signify a dying coral.  Size in mm: l x w x h: 260 x 190 x 120 


Green Crab 

I'm very pleased with the outcome of this green crab and is my favourite crab to date. (February 2019). 
The main glaze used was an Ashy Green and was a bonus that the colours split to green and blue which added to the authenticity. The sea shells are also made from clay and are taken from a negative fired imprint of a real shell 
and glazed appropriately. 
Size: l x w x h in mm 235 x 230 x 46 


Some people think this is a real Plaice! Pleased with the outcome and the base has been 'stippled' with just slurry for the glaze firing and results in a sand effect. I made this plaice small enough so as to fit on the windowsill of the Quayside Hotel's Restaurant. When I make some more fish, I might put a hole in, so they can be hung up. One glaring mistake is that the pectoral fins are on the right (upper) side of the fish, whereas one should be on the left (under) side of the fish! Does it matter?? New species designed by ceramic artist Geoff Paris!! 
He swam off to Portland to follow a Quayside Hotel guest for a change of the sea. 

Tricky Dicky Octopus 

Named after the complex sexual process the males undergo to do the business! An exciting project by ceramic artist Geoff Paris and very time consuming but well worth the effort. Each sucker was placed individually on the arms/tentacles from a thin roll of clay cut into segments, then 'dented' so as to form the hollow. The body or mantle was then made, along with the siphon. 
Did you know that an octopus has 3 hearts, 9 brains and blue blood? 
Size: l x w x h in mm: 300 x 270 x 130 

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