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Karma Chameleon 

Named after the song by the band Culture Club released in 1983, and the meaning of the song is "about the terrible fear of alienation that people have, the fear of standing up for one thing. It's about trying to suck up to everybody." So there you go... 
Size: l x w x h in mm: 210 x 150 x 75 
Chameleons have 360 degree vision as their eyes move independently around their sockets, and (so I have just found out!) DO NOT change colour to match their surroundings. The colour change is an emotional response i.e. fear, anger, or changes in environmental conditions. Adult males are combinations of red, green, blue, and yellow. Young and female ones are tan brown with bits of pink or orange. 

Lizzie My First Gecko 

Dimensions cm: l x w x h: 24 x 18 x 7 

Pedro the Gecko 


Sea Otter 

Sea Otter 'Lotty' 
Sea Otters frequently use pebbles or stones as a means of cracking open shells so they can eat the contents so I have made a stone and, in the middle of the otter have added glass before the firing so as to mimic sea water. Particularly pleased with the outcome of this because the glass has split the underglaze colours (walnut brown mixed with a little black) to a clear/light blue colour which is more natural - so an unexpected bonus. 
Can be used as a desk tidy..... 
Size: l x w x h in mm 330 x 120 x 60 

A commissioned Dog - about 12 inches long.   If you would like your dog made, please get in touch! It can be as big or as little as you like. 

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If you would like to commission a piece of Pottery then please get in touch below. 
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