Ozzie the Owl

My first bird effort. I started off making him as a kind of coil pot but he collapsed on himself

so has ended up as an owl sat on his haunches, if owls have haunches.

He's a wise old man looking out across my lounge at home...

size l x w x h in mm: 165 x 180 x 230

Yes, rather an odd shape I know!

Ceramic Owl

Named Steven after Steven Seagal...
Bridget, my former boss at the Quayside Hotel suggested I make one, so was displayed in the Quayside Hotel until sold, when he flew off to Wales. 


The eyes are beads glued in after firing


Picture below...Seagull and Duck in the Restaurant window of the Quayside Hotel, Brixham at Xmas 2018


My first attempt at these lovely birds.

Still at my 'apprentice' stage, using clay too wet to form properly. After glazing with orange, white, black, brown, and a little green to try and add a moss effect to the twigs, I then used Raku glazes for the blue and green of the wings. These Raku glazes (see glazes page) were only fired at bisque temperature, and not finished in the Raku style. There has been a bit of 'chipping'of the Raku, leaving white marks, but have left it at that.


Duffy Duck
 This duck has been fired about 4 times.....and that was enough, poor thing!
As most glazes are white before being fired, I got mixed up with my greens and browns,
so the back ended up all green. Then he was refired with the brown colour added.
Then he was fired again with a green lustre to make the head shiny.....but it was the first time
I had used a lustre so trial and error and most of it burnt off, leaving a speckled head!

Also, he was broken in the kiln on the initial bisque firing, so like my seagull, the tail parts were glazed
and fired separately and glued together afterwards...ahem...


Lets try again! Brown glaze added pre-firing

I just feel sorry for him for being mistreated!!

That's better, and fired yet again with a green Lustre on the head, which was the first time I tried it. Most of it burnt off, but decided he had been cooked enough already!

Mandarin Duck
A colourful ceramic duck
Size: l x w x h in mm: 250 x 100 x 105