• Geoff Paris

Internal Organs!!

Well I recently, for the first and probably only time, advertised my first coral reef on facebook and paid £10 to go to a wider audience. Various comments came back, including that they looked like internal organs (which amused me), and had been done by a 12 year old or not worth the time and effort as no-one would look at it. Ok the brown colour on the flat pieces could have been a bit more subtle, and was compared to liver. The 'bronchial' bits are from lungs I guess? The pink tubes are arteries?? As everyone knows, there is an element of trial and error in making one-off items and I am in the process of making another ceramic coral reef. Thank you David Jones for supporting me. I actually really like my first coral reef, as does everyone who has seen it for real, and when I sell it, will definitely replicate it. Look out for the next one! Comments please!!

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