Glazes and colour mixings

Making yellow/orange/red glazes

I mixed 6g yellow stain to 50 ml clear glaze (GA14)to make the yellow. Similarly 6g red stain to 50 ml clear glaze for the red.

On the right hand side of the page below you can see the proportions mixed with the resulting colour represented numerically to match the numbers circled.

For my box turtle, I used No 5, being 3 parts red:7 parts yellow, with totally yellow for the top of the turtle's shell.

The browns I measured for use on my Plaice, as seen on the left hand side of the page below.

The underglaze yellow/red/blue unmeasured effort came out as the matt brown streak to the right of No.9


Raku Glazes

I bought Starry Night and Cobalt Blue Raku Glazes.

The first picture below was a test firing but not Raku style and I think was fired at glaze temperature so not the required result. Cobalt Blue bottom left, starry Night top right and 50% mix in the middle.

I then did some mixings - see note pad below, with Starry Night being No 1, No 2 being 2/3 Starry Knight and 1/2 Cobalt Blue, and so on. Ben's blue was a mix made by the teacher, but came out more of a black colour. The results, fired at Bisque temperature can be seen in the third picture below. These mixings were for my Kingfishers. These have NOT been fired Raku style.