Based on Jubilee my cat

size: l x w x h in mm: 365 x 130 x 150  

This cat by ceramic artist Geoff Paris is based from my cat Jubilee but the whiskers are made of copper wire painted black and I have actually painted him black afterwards (as not happy with the black glaze used) which is cheating. Still learning techniques! And the eyes didn't come out the way I wanted so I painted them with an acrylic paint afterwards and now they look dreadful. This is not for sale because the cat has been 'doctored' after glazing and is not to my standard.
And the head is out of proportion to the body!


The real Jubilee!


Side view


See what I mean about the eye colour!


Some of his whiskers fell out also.....


I had to be quite careful making her so as to not bash her front paw, as it overhangs.

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